• Nurse Assistant Training Classes

    American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training classes are offered throughout the United States and can prepare you for a career as a licensed or certified nursing assistant (CNA). Our comprehensive and balanced classes for students interested in becoming CNAs/LNAs consist of three components that must be successfully completed in order for a student to graduate.

    Part One: Theory

    In this component of our Nurse Assistant Training, CNA class students will learn these aspects of patient care:

    • Fundamentals: introductory concepts including roles and responsibilities; legal issues; ethics; patient communications; anatomy and physiology
    • Safety: controlling infection; preventing injuries; responding to emergencies
    • Providing care: vital signs; positioning/transferring; restorative care; environmental comfort and rest; cleanliness/grooming; meals/fluids; elimination; admissions/transfers/discharges
    • Special care situations: specific illnesses; dementia/cognitive changes; end of life care; infants/children; home care
    • Transitioning from student to employee

    Part Two: Lab

    This component builds upon the theory portion of the CNA classes through in-person skills practice. Some of the skills you will perform with the assistance of your fellow students and instructor include personal care (bathing, feeding and grooming), positioning the patient, transferring the patient, and taking vital signs such as blood pressure.

    Part Three: Clinical

    Upon successful completion of the theory and lab portion of this course designed to prepare CNAs, students begin the clinical training component of the program, working directly with residents of a long-term care facility under the supervision of a licensed nurse who has been certified as a Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training Instructor.

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    Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training providers offer a range of time options so that you can learn around your schedule, be it day, evening and/or weekend classes. Nurse Assistant Training is offered year-round, including summers, which is an ideal time for college nursing students and physician assistants to take this course. Providers set the pricing for this training, so check our class listings for more details about cost, schedules, locations and other requirements.

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